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Antiviral Linkage Initiative

Antiviral Linkage Initiative (ALI)

Did you know that 14% of people with HIV and 50% of people with Hep-C are unaware they are infected?  A person may have an infection for years before any sign of illness appears.

The ALI program provides individual testing, personalized support, education and access to follow-up care.  ALI services at locations in the Baltimore City community include: 

  • Private, confidential HIV and Hep-C screening and test results
  • Individual HIV, Hep-C and STI education and prevention counseling
  • Linkage to medical treatment for individuals with HIV and Hep-C infections
  • Personalized guidance and linkage to additional support services
  • Support, outreach and education services for the entire Baltimore City community

BCRI welcomes the opportunity to provide HIV and Hep-C testing, outreach, education and prevention services for city organizations and at community events free of charge.  

To request services, please call the ALI staff at 410-433-5255 ext. 356

Saving Lives for 30 Years

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