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Helpful Information

If you or someone you know is in crisis call our 24-hour Hotline at 410-433-5175 (MD Relay Dial 711)
  • Check Baltimore cable TV listings for Mental Health Matters, airing in Baltimore City and hosted by BCRI Executive Director Edgar Wiggins. The show presents discussions on various mental health topics and resources available in the Baltimore community.
    Click on the links below to view previously aired shows.


Suicide Survivors- Part 1

Suicide Survivors- Part 2

Amanda Ganoe & Nicole Jones

Mental Health:

Mental Illness & Drug Treatment

Minority Mental Health Issues

Coping With Mental Illness

Family Issues In Mental Health- Part 1

Family Issues In Mental Health- Part 2


Depression & Multi-Cultural Issues



Baltimore Child Adolescent Response System (BCARS)

Understanding Psychiatry

Persons With Lived Experiences

Suicide Attempt Survivors: 

Erik Meininger

Daphne Kline

Melissa Peltzman

Saving Lives for Over 25 Years