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I’m Sonia

I’d been getting high for many years.  I thought I’d die using drugs.  Sometimes I hoped I would.  I was homeless with no insurance or any other access to care.  Somehow I found BCRI and completed their 7-day Detox program.  That was the beginning of my recovery.  After my week at BCRI they referred me to a six month program where I continued my recovery.  I am now active in Narcotics Anonymous and am attending BCCC to become an Addiction Counselor.  I thank God every day for BCRI.  Their amazing staff showed me every day that there are people who really care about how your life ends up.  This is where it all started for me—BCRI saved my life.  Join my story and become part of BCRI's healing force in the community. 


Please help keep BCRI's good work going--click the link below to make a donation: 

Saving Lives for 30 Years

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