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I’m Jerome

I’ve suffered from mental health issues all my life.  I was abandoned by my father and molested when I was a child.  At 14 I started getting high to deal with my trauma and PTSD, and tried rehab many times. I also ended up in and out of “mental institutions.”  Nothing worked.  I couldn’t find my way out and I didn’t feel like anyone cared. I heard of BCRI from others when I’d go to NA once in a while but I never paid much attention. 


But somehow one day when I was using downtown a BCRI team happened to be right where I was.  They came up to me and offered to help.  I didn’t listen at first but one man in particular was so caring and compassionate.  I accepted his help and went to BCRI for residential care.  Their peer support specialists on the unit can really relate because they’ve been where I am, they know what I’m dealing with.  I feel like I had a spiritual awakening because of BCRI.  Spending time there let me know that I am somebody, that I am worth something.  BCRI gave me a second chance. Now my goal is to get straight and stay straight to help other people just like me.


Please help BCRI help others like me by clicking the link below to donate now.

Saving Lives for 30 Years

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