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By the Numbers

In FY21, our Hotline staff answered over 55,000 calls.  Over 3,700 of these callers expressed suicidal thoughts, 30% greater than in FY20.  We helped them through their crisis.


In FY21 the BCRI Mobile Crisis Team responded to over 1900 calls in the Baltimore community, meeting clients where they are.  We provide access to the care they need.


Last year we treated over 370 individuals on our Crisis Residential Unit, providing every client an individual room to prevent the transmission of COVID.  About 70% were diverted from hospital emergency rooms.  We helped them gain purpose.


In FY21, nearly 400 people received residential substance use services in an individual room on the BCRI Detox Unit, with nearly 100% moving to the next level of care upon discharge.  We helped them get clean.     


Last year our ALI staff continued to test BCRI clients onsite for HIV and Hepatitis C.  We helped them learn their health status.


Since beginning in 2017, BCRI's LEAD and CRT staff has worked with the BPD to keep over 500 individuals out of the prison system. We helped them get the services they need. 

Saving Lives for 30 Years

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