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A Message From The Executive Director

This has been an incredibly challenging time for our city, state and country. As if working during a pandemic was not challenging enough the tragic death of an African-American man while in police custody has shaken many of us to our core. This situation and the resulting unrest has left many of us with tremendous feelings of fear, anxiety and anger. Old wounds and trauma have been reopened for many along with genuine feelings of a lack of safety.

During these troubled times it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves, seek support when necessary and lean on each other. I hope that BCRI as an organization is not only a source of strength for the community but also for those of us who work here. Remember we can’t effectively take of our patients if we are suffering.

We also need to recognize that the strength of this organization comes from its diversity. Which as I see it is a tapestry woven from people with different backgrounds, experience, ethnicity and perspectives. These collective differences result in strength that allows us to work with a diverse population of individuals in crisis. However, this requires us to recognize and respect the humanity of the people we serve and those in our workforce. We all bring different gifts to the organization which should be celebrated and cherished. We need to continue to strive to be a model of inclusion, equity and integrity.   I challenge each of as you as you go through the daily tasks of your job that you commit or rededicate yourself to be an example of the values that BCRI strives to exemplify. 

Please remember that we are stronger together!

Best regards and be well,

Edgar K. Wiggins, MHS

Executive Director

Saving Lives for Over 25 Years